Hi everyone! This is my first blogging experience! I have never blogged in my life. For the introduction, I would like to introduce briefly myself. I am Suhana Veru. Actually, I have capabilities speaking in four language include, Hindi, Punjabi, Malay and English.

Previously, I was a reporter from Utusan Melayu (Kosmo). Here, I work more than 11 years.  Honestly, I learned a lot of experience in writing.

Unfortunately, the Umno-controlled media group is offering a voluntary separation scheme (VSS) to more than half of its 1,500 workers as part of its restructuring exercise to reduce overall costs due to the company’s financial constraints.

So, I have no choice unless to accept this scheme. Yet, if I could rewind it, and do it all again, I would. By the way, after two weeks spending time at home, I decided to apply new jobs as copywriter. Luckily, I get new jobs. Now, I am working at JustLorry, online booking lorry platform.

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