Dismantle and Assembly Services

Besides offering moving service with competitive prices and of course Just Lorry does offer professional furniture dismantling, fixing, packing and reassembling service as well. This service are very important to those who have problem to get proper tools such as boxes, stapler  and etc.


Yes, we charged from RM80 to RM100 for this service but it depend on the size and amount of your items. Our team in fixing, dismantle and reassemble are well experienced in this service and will make sure all your belongings will transfer safely. 

Our dismantling service works include the following:

*Dismantle of kitchen cabinet, table, TV rack, storage rack.

*Dismantle office furniture.

*Fixing TV, washing machine, wall units

*Any furniture that can be dismantle


You may take photo of the item that needed to dismantle and you can send to us via WhatsApp or an email. To ensure safety, you must identify any power points or gas pipe that should be relocated before start dismantling work.

As a customer, you must describe your place, whether there are lift or staircase for high rise building. With these details, please contact us for further discussion and get quotations