Tips of Moving

The joyful celebration of Chinese New Year comes to end yesterday. Are you planning to move anytime soon! We know most people prefer to move during holiday month or weekends. Here are some top tips you should consider if you decide to move to new house  in the coming months.

However, the moving blog is the right place to refer before you are going to move to a new house. Usually, most of us already plan to move but not sure where to start. It happened to me when I and my family move from Rawang to Putra Height, Subang Jaya, Selangor at last year.

I can be said that it was a night mare experience to us! Getting a lorry rental service which is advertise by the roadside was not right choice at the time because our belongings and furniture were damaged and scratched cause of negligence of workers.

I believe this happened because we do any planning or preparation for a move. We just call lorry rental and pack all our belongings in one to two days. But the results makes  us very disappointments.

So here is a list of tips before you move because it is important for you to start planning before the big day! Firstly, we would like to  wish congratulations to your new home.

No need to stress. These comprehensive moving checklists tell you exactly what to do before and after you have settle into your new place. So, you can focus on your jobs at hand instead of worrying you might be forgetting something important.

Here is simple and short list:

  1. Check unwanted item

When you are relocating,  there are some item should be leave behind. Hence, when you start through each of your items, decide whether you want to keep, sell or pack. When it come to less weight, it will make your move cost less.

2. Prepare to pack clothes

Keep clothing on hanger. You can use garbage or vacuum bags to cover your clothes.

3. Boxes

Your local stores are great resources for finding free moving box instead of spending money and time on buying new boxes.


The kitchen ware is hardest room to pack.  Be sure to sort your items and wrap your fragile kitchenware carefully.

Need more tips on packing other items in your home? We have a great collection of packing tips articles.

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